High-pressure relief and pleasantly soft sinking: Viscose foam mattresses

The viscose foam mattresses (also: Visco foam mattresses, Visco foam mattresses or simply Visco mattresses) are foam mattresses or foam mattresses, which are characterized by very special properties. The core of these mattresses is made of viscoelastic foam. This is also called “Memory Foam”. Viscoschaum carries this surname because the material can “remember” stress. After getting up from a viscose foam mattress, the impression of the body is recognizable for a few seconds due to this property. So if you change your lying position in bed, the viscoelastic mattress returns to its original shape with a time delay.

Features of Visco foam mattresses

As already mentioned, viscose foam mattresses are characterized by special adaptability to the human body. This exact adaptation to the contours of the body allows you to sink deeper into a viscous foam mattress, whereby the sleeping pad simultaneously provides high-pressure relief. The effect of Viscoschaum is in contrast to the area elastic cold foam point elastic.

“Memory Foam” reacts to the heat of the body – so it is thermoplastic. For the material to work properly, the room temperature in the bedroom should be at least 18 ° C. If it is much colder, it can cause the foam to feel very tight and the body to adjust with delay.

Because valid foam is less breathable than cold foam, such mattresses are not ideal for people who are prone to excessive sweating.

Varied offer for different needs

There are mattress models with a thinner Visco foam layer on a cold foam core or on a combination core of cold foam and spring core. These mattresses are suitable for almost anyone since there are no strong sleep recesses that could adversely affect the ability to move while sleeping. Visco foam mattresses with a high Visco foam core are particularly recommended for bedridden people or people who generally move very little while sleeping.

Like other types of mattresses, Visco foam mattress for sale 2019 is offered in different degrees of hardness due to their suitability for certain body weights. Since these degrees of hardness are not standardized, the recommendations vary depending on the model or manufacturer. Corresponding instructions can be found on the respective product details pages.